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Rosneft has owned and operated the Moscow plant Nefteprodukt since the Group establishment.

JSC Rosneft — Moscow plant Nefteprodukt was set up on the basis of Moscow pilot and production plant of the Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Petroleum Processing (VNII NP) that was created in 1968 following the merger of the Moscow pilot plant of VNII NP and the Neftegaz plant. Nefteprodukt Plant produces a wide range of lubricating, protective, and conservation materials used in aviation and space-rocket engineering, agricultural and armored vehicle building, instrument engineering, and in the power industry:

  • aviation oils
  • cable oils
  • instrument oils
  • industrial oils
  • quenching oils
  • general-purpose greases
  • high-temperature greases
  • antiscuff coatings
  • instrument greases
  • aviation greases
  • marine greases
  • electrical contact greases
  • sealing greases
  • conservation materials
  • motor and gear oils